Structured video training programs in a private social media platform

The Global Pole Studio

What is Pole Press University

Pole Press University takes features from two different technologies — e-learning and social media — and fuses them into a single platform. This magic mix of courses + community digitally recreates the positive vibes of a physical studio. And since our students come from 30+ countries and every continent, the result is a global pole studio experience.

A Higher Education in Pole

We aspire to revolutionize pole education by reconceiving its pedagogy from the ground up.

E-Learning Features

60-90 Minute Lessons

Courses are composed of Lessons, designed as complete 60- or 90-minute sessions with both warm-up and cool-down segments.

6-Week Courses

A course has 12 Lessons, intended for two per week. But there is no fixed schedule, so you can progress at your own pace.

Multi-Year Curriculum

Our courses are part of a comprehensive pole education program, which we are releasing in stages throughout 2021.

Educational Expertise

We have assembled an all-star team with diverse expertise to serve as our curriculum developers, course writers, and instructors.

Professional Videos

All our course videos are pre-recorded and professionally produced, so you can watch them on your own schedule.

Closed Captions

Our videos have optional English subtitles, for the deaf, hard of hearing, and ESL members of our community.

Courses + Community

PPU is also a social media platform, exclusively available to our students.

Social Media Features

Photo Sharing

You can post photos on the Wall or share them privately in direct messages.

Community Wall

The Wall is where you can make posts seen by everyone in our community.

Discussion Forums

Participate in conversations about specific topics, or start a new one of your own.

Member Dashboard

Your dashboard is a personalized page visible only to you, showing info like your course progress and order history.

Global Connections

We have students from over 30 countries on every continent. So there's activity on our platform 24 hours a day.

Private Community

Our platform is only for students — a peaceful space where you can be yourself, away from the noise of large tech platforms.


Most frequent questions and answers

All members are students. The only way to join Pole Press University is to purchase one of our courses.

Membership is included for free when you purchase one of our courses.

No. We don’t ever want to receive money just because someone forgot to cancel something.

Your membership lasts forever. You will also have lifetime access to every course you purchase.

All platform features can be comfortably used on mobile, tablet, and desktop devices. We also have iPhone and Android mobile apps scheduled for release in the summer of 2021.

Automatic. Your membership is created when you purchase your first course, which is just like buying anything else online.