Intermediate-to-Advanced 6-week video course by world champion Rafaela Montanaro

Course Introduction

Rafaela’s 1st place performance at the Olympia (2019)

Rafaela Montanaro needs no introduction. As the five-time pole sport World Champion and Olympia winner, Rafaela has established herself as the undisputed master of pole athletics.

“Level Up” is a solid intermediate course with detailed instructions for core moves that are key to unlocking more advanced tricks. If you ever feel plateaued, this course will give you the secret sauce needed to progress to the next level.

In addition to pole moves, Rafaela will also teach you an extensive set of conditioning exercises to develop your strength, flexibility, coordination, alignment and technique. This double emphasis on both moves and conditioning will help you bridge the gap from intermediate to advanced.

This 6-week course was released on December 19, and is now available for instant access after purchase.

Platform Features

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Learning pole works best as a team. Get help from your classmates, and personal feedback directly from Rafaela.

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What is it ?

Just like an online college course. where the videos are pre-recorded and everything is already set up for you. So you can start whenever you’re ready, and work through the lessons at your own pace. And it’s lifetime access, so you can re-do the lessons as many times as you like.

Who is it for ?

The Level Up course is designed for intermediate polers who want to progress to the advanced level.

What will I learn ?

  • Core intermediate moves that are key to unlocking more advanced tricks
  • 20+ pole elements and 25+ combinations
  • 10 strength conditioning exercises
  • 6 flexibility conditioning exercises

Some examples :

  • Table Top and Soulder Mount
  • Jade Split and Superman
  • Brass Monkey and Allegra
  • Twisted Grip Ayesha and Ball Drop
  • Plus Sign and Full Handspring
  • Cradle to Apprentice to Inside Leg Hang Flip
  • Apprentice + Butterfly + Box Split + Plus Sign + Inside Leg Hang + Ayesha

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