This 6-week online course will be released October 31. Pre-order now to save 30%. (First 100 students only.)

Course Introduction

Tara’s performance in Cirque du Soleil’s REBEL (2019)

Tara Meyer is a Cirque du Soleil pole artist, and the only pole athlete to win both the Olympia and the Arnold Classic. She’s also a devoted educator, having owned a pole studio for the past decade.

Classically trained at Les Ballets de Monte-Carlo, Tara teaches pole with uncommon thoroughness and attention to detail. Many students have won major competitions due to her meticulous instructional methods.

Now you too can have Tara Meyer for your pole teacher. Her Essentials №1 course will be released October 31, in a private PolePress platform for you to communicate with Tara and your classmates.

What is it ?

Just like an online college course. There’s a syllabus, video lectures, text information, assignments, etc. The main difference is the videos are pre-recorded and everything is already set up for you. So you can start whenever you’re ready, and work through the lessons at your own pace. And it’s lifetime access, so you can re-do the lessons as many times as you like.

Who is it for ?

The Essentials course is specifically designed for two types of students:
  1. Those with less than one year of pole experience, including those who have never trained within a structured curriculum
  2. Those who have been poling for more than 1 year, and now want to refine their technique and ensure there are no “gaps” in their core skills and knowledge

Student Reviews


What will I learn ?

  • Essential pole skills with emphasis on correct form
  • 36+ pole elements and 12+ combinations
  • Techniques for core climbs, spins, and transitions
  • Proper dance and pole terminology
  • Principles of strength and flexibility training

Some examples :

  • Pirouettes and pliés
  • Martini and pull up sits
  • Single climb squats and body waves
  • Carousel and fan kicks
  • Passé, pin-up, and split dismounts
  • Forearm climbs and stands

Tara's Performances

Tara’s 1st place performance at the Olympia (2018)

Tara’s 1st place performance at the Arnold Classic (2016)

Tara’s guest performance at NAPDC (2017)

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