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  1. This video was so good! At first, I felt bad when I only stood 1 sec in crow pose. But I think my mind has to learn how to trust my muscles, and that comes with time I guess, and by doing this class over and over again ????

  2. I found the first exercise with the leg in the air really easy..almost too easy, and felt like I was taking most of the weight in my wrists, even though I was bending my elbows. What am I doing incorrectly? The second exercise was super difficult but good, and I felt my upper body and tire muscles engaged…so I guess I’m doing that correctly.

    1. Hi, do you mean with leg you didn’t feel like you shoulders and core working? It’s really a beginner exercise to learn to balance and equalize the weight evenly (front and back). I guess in this case your body is already familiar with it and founding it easy. Or do you not feel your weight on a knuckles and finders? Also you may challenge your balance by brining foot up and standing only on your knee. Just make sure your mat is soft enough or fold it.

  3. Not able to do the poses, but love the conditioning exercises! First crow pose is starting to get there! For headstand I’m wondering if part of it is flexibility. When I work my feet closer to my head, there’s still a good gap and when I tuck one leg the down leg’s quadricep wants to cramp.

    1. Hi! Cramps while workout is a sign of muscle tiredness. But often not even the muscle what want to cramp need help, but it’s antagonist. I would recommend do massage for both, quads and hamstrings.