Principles of Movement


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This 6-week program consists of 12 lessons, each taking 60-75 minutes to complete. The following outline shows the topics covered in the course.

Week One Focus: Elementary Balance

Lesson 1

Concentrated on balancing technique and hands position.
1. Course introduction “What is it? Who is it for? How will it benefit you?”
2. Warm Up with wrists and shoulders focus
3. Wrist strength and conditioning
4. Crow pose. Why it’s helpful, and necessary, basic variation and exercises to achieve.
5. Intermediate and advanced variations.
6. Transition to one side + Flying crow pose
7. Core & Shoulders conditioning
8. Cool down + wrist self massage

Lesson 2

Concentrated on how to tighten up core and low body in balances.
1. Warm up with core and neck focus
2. Hollow (straight line spine) body exercises. Headstand technique.
3. 2 types hands positions. Ways to get to headstand
4. Different legs positions and core cooperation + transitions
5. Change hands positions as a tightening conditioning
6. Transition to/from crow pose
7. Whole body conditioning
8. Cool down + neck self massage

Week Two Focus: Strength

Lesson 3

Concentrated on engaging more muscles at the same time.
1. Warm up with strength focus
2. Wrist + shoulders exercises
3. Hamstring exercises + stretching
4. Straddle sit
5. L-sit
6. Eight angel sit
7. Transitions for a body strength conditioning
8. Cool down + hamstring self massage/stretching

Lesson 4

Concentrated on low back strength and glutes tightening
1. Warm up with strong back focus
2. Wrist exercises
3. Low back exercises
4. Two elbows croc
5. One elbow croc
6. Split croc variations
7. Strength conditioning
8. Cool down + low back massage

Week Three Focus: Back Flexibility

Lesson 5

Concentrated on active back flexibility
1. Warm up with spine mobility focus
2. Shoulders opening/rotation exercises
3. Strong & flexible back exercises
4. Bridge from floor
5. Bridge from sit position
6. Bridge from feet
7. Strength/flexibility/balance conditioning
8. Cool down + back self massage

Lesson 6

Concentrated on side crunch flexibility
1. Warm up with spine mobility focus
2. Back and side bend exercises
3. Upper back and neck stretching
4. Temple stand
5. Chest roll
6. Chest stand
7. Transitions + conditioning
8. Cool down + back self massage

Week Four Focus: Intermediate Balance

Lesson 7

Concentrated on learning techniques for forearm balance.
1. Warm up with tightening whole body focus
2. Strong + flexible shoulders exercises
3. Tightening core conditioning
4. Basic (symmetrical) forearm balance
5. Different legs/body position
6. Advanced (asymmetrical) forearm balance
7. Transition btw basic and advanced positions as a tightening conditioning
8. Cool down + body relax light stretching

Lesson 8

Concentrated on handstand balance
1. Warm up with handstand technique focus
2. Strong wrist & shoulders exercises
3. Tightening core conditioning
4. Tightening legs conditioning
5. Handstand technique + ways to get for beginners
6. Different legs position and core cooperation
7. Conditioning for handstands
8. Cool down + shoulders/forearms self massage

Week Five Focus: Basic Dynamic Moves

Lesson 9

Concentrated on learning right tuck and basic dynamic techniques
1. Warm up with spine stretching focus
2. Coordination exercises
3. Tuck rolls exercises
4. Basic Forward roll + variations
5. Basic Backward roll + variations
6. Series of rolls as vestibular exercises
7. Functional strength conditioning
8. Cool down + light stretching

Lesson 10

Concentrated on combining static and dynamic tricks
1. Warm Up with functional movements
2. Dynamic momentum exercise
3. Strong and flexible back exercises
4. Fish flop + variations
5. Candlestick + variations
6. Transitions from static to dynamic tricks
7. Transitions from dynamic to static tricks
8. Cool down + breathing exercises

Week Six Focus: Intermediate Dynamic Tricks

Lesson 11

Cartwheel technique
1. Warm up with splits stretching focus
2. Tightening body and balance exercise
3. One foot balancing tricks
4. Basic cartwheel technique
5. Series of cartwheels
6. Steps to learn one arm cartwheel
7. Cartwheel with static tricks combinations
8. Cool down + relaxing exercises

Lesson 12

Walkover technique
1. Warm up with back/shoulders flexibility accent
2. Split active exercises
3. Strong and flexible back exercises
4. Forward walkover
5. Backward walkover
6. Walkover with legs switch
7. Walkover with other tricks transitions
8. Cool down with back self massage